Board of Directors
Currently the President of the TRMRI, Dr. Elena N. Bodnar started her career as a physician in Ukraine during the Chornobyl nuclear accident. She treated and assisted in the relocation of individuals affected by the accident, and studied the consequences of radiation exposure. In the United States, Dr. Bodnar has been involved in clinical studies of novel diagnostic and theraputic modalities, managed the Electrical Trauma Research Program at the University of Chicago, and collaborated with the World Health Organization and the International Atomic Energy Agency on projects related to the Chernobyl nuclear accident.

Mr. C.R. (Rick) Grantom is a leading American expert in the application of Probabilistic Risk Assessment. He has over 25 years of nuclear power plant experience, 21 of which are directly related to risk management methods and their application to nuclear power plants. In the past Mr. Grantom has had direct involvement in the development, approval, and implementation of several key risk informed initiatives at the South Texas Project. These risk informed application areas include: Plant Configuration Risk Management, Risk Informed Technical Specifications, Risk Informing station testing, inspection, and maintenance programs, and Exemption from Special Treatment Requirements.

Dr. Sergey Klevtsov is an international expert in Human Reliability Analysis and Probabilistic Risk Assessment practitioner. He has performed several risk assessments of operating nuclear power plants.