Sergey Klevtsov, Diploma Engineer
An international expert in Human Reliability Analysis and Probabilistic Risk Assessment practitioner. He has performed several risk assessments of operating nuclear power plants.

Dr. Klevtsov's Publications
S. Klevtsov, N. Valigun, A. Nosovsky, I. Komarov, Safety Culture in the Use of Nuclear Energy, Nuclear and Radiation Safety, vol 12, pg 56, August 2009.

G. Klopp, I. Bodnar, J. van Erp, S. Klevtsov, R. Janke, H. Loeffler, J. Sievers, and M. Sonnenkal, A LEVEL 2 Probabilistic Risk Assessment for WWER-1000 of the small series Results of the Trilateral (United States-Federal Republic of Germany-Ukraine) Program, PSA 2008: Challenges to PSA During the Nuclear Renaissance, 2008.

S. Klevtsov, Status of PSA Development for Ukrainian NPPs, International Workshop on Use of PSA in Operation of NPPs and in Regulatory Decision Making, 2004.

S. Fedorchenko, G. Gromov, L. Saguidouline, S. Klevtsov, and H. Dezfuli, Rovno-1 PSA Results, 6th International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE-6), San Diego, CA: 1998.