TRMRI Research Projects
The TRMRI screens site-specific operational data and procedures to quantify the risk profile of the site. We collect industry-wide injury and rehabilitation data, including associated costs. Our goal is to develop site-specific risk models using human reliability data. After the identification of the most risk significant operations, we develop risk reduction procedures and recommendations to mitigate the risk outliers.
Electrical trauma is a common type of injury at electrical utilities. The mechanisms of electrical injury are not fully understood. Electrical trauma can be very costly to injured individuls, utilities, and society. The TRMRI performs data collection on the consequences of electrical injury and develops risk models for electrical utilities. Application of our risk models allows for the identification of risk significant operations and devleop appropriate risk reduction procedures.
The TRMRI performs data collection of radiation affects on humans, including low dose irradiation. The Institute conducts research on the psychological consequences of radiation exposure, as well as the associated risks and societal costs. Aspects of the psychological affects of radiation exposure include the perceived risks, which needs to be quantified to fully understand the potential costs of a radiological disaster. We develop Probabilistic Risk Analysis (PRA) models of radiation therapy, and identify risk significant theraputic procedures to prevent medical radiation injuries.