The objectives of the Trauma Risk Management Research Institute are: (1) The Development and implementation of trauma risk management strategies through the use of state-of-the-art risk assessment technologies; (2) Trauma risk assessment and Management consultation services by a multidisciplinary team of experts; (3) Decrease traumatic accidents and mitigate trauma consequences in industry; (4) Public outreach to teach citizens science-based risk management strategies; (5) Professional education of industry risk management specialists.

The Trauma Risk Management Research Institute pursues research on the development of risk-informed methodologies for injury risk management, prevention, and consequence mitigation. Our research projects focus on several areas, including: (1) Trauma data collection, analysis, and processing; (2) Site-specific and operations-specific trauma risk assessment methodologies, techniques, and technologies; (3) Development of approaches for trauma risk reduction measures; (4) Application of modern human reliability analysis to trauma risk management and trauma prevention; (5) Risk-informed technologies in trauma prevention in industry planning; (6) Design with consideration of trauma risk management technologies.
In the News
The TRMRI is organizing a Symposium on Chornobyl with participation of experts from Belarus, Ukraine, the United States and the World Health Organization. The focus of the conference will be analysis of lessons learned over 30 years of research on the consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear accident and application of these lessons to emergency preparedness for radiological disasters in urban environments. Specific attention will be given to psychological effects of radiological accidents and public preparedness. The meeting will be held in Chicago, IL on April 29, 2016.

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